Wedding at the Opera Benicassim: Alvaro and Georgina

There are couples who convey their excitement from day one, Alvaro and Georgina imagined a single day, it was just as cold, they wanted it and everything, since it was December 7th.

Alvaro's flat no more people, all accompany him, with special prominence his friends and the great choice they chose for his friend's wedding. At home Georgina is no one else, and especially the ladies in their red hood.

We go to La Opera Benicàssim, a beautiful place, ideal for the day they want to spend. A ceremony with many smiles, some crying and a lot of emotion, a dynamic that lasted until the banquet, with a couple who gave themselves to the end, leaving us all amazed.

Thank you so much for letting us share the best day of your lives!

Post wedding in Benicarló: Georgina and Álvaro

After a great wedding, play a great post wedding. With the same excitement as the first time we met, we headed to Tinença de Benifassà with Álvaro and Georgina, but today also with her sister and Victor.

We leave the cold of La Tinença to go to Benicarló, in the emblematic House of the Marquis of Benicarló, we are surprised by each room, as we continue with the photographs, what a great combination, this house and this couple!

Pre wedding Veronica and Daniel

We start the 2020 season with the wedding of Veronica and Daniel. In the middle of autumn we were with this couple that this year we will have their wedding. Nerves, laughter and a lot of complicity, and looking forward to your day. Little couple left!

Post wedding in Peñíscola: Albert and Neus

Peñiscola is very special for Neus and Albert, the town where Neus spent the summer, where he has many friends and has had so many experiences. Losing ourselves in its streets and in its houses we did its post wedding. Finally we ended up in the houses of l'Ametlla de Mar, where the institute where they met.

Wedding in Pamplona: Iñaki and Ana

This year we had a wedding in a place we could not imagine, in Pamplona, with Iñaki and Ana, one of the most special weddings of the year.

Iñaki and Ana contacted us for their wedding, and from the beginning David and I have been really looking forward to a wedding in Pamplona. Of course, the day before the wedding we were skewers in the center of Pamplona, in the mythical places where the San Fermins are held.

On Saturday we went to Sorauren, with Iñaki, then he went to the Parish of San Jorge to receive Ana, where we were fascinated by the architecture of the church.

A ceremony that we will always remember, all very involved and accompanied by a lot of music. Finally, we continued with the party in Baluarte, with beautiful views of the city.

Post wedding in Gandesa: Joan and Sandra

La Fontcalda is one of the most special places in Gandan, and we visited with Joan and Sandra. Then and with a cold wind that we suffered most during a post-wedding, we went up to one of the most famous mountain ranges Pandols, to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets we remember. And of course, we come down with a much appreciated gift, two bottles of wine from his harvest.

Thanks for showing us your territory!

Post wedding in Vinaròs: Ignacio and Neus

After her beautiful wedding, she played the post wedding. With Ignacio and Neus we went to the Ebro Delta, taking advantage of the sunrise and the colors that this paradise gives us. And from the Delta to Vinaròs with Gina, his puppy, to end the session in this nice couple. Thank you for your trust!

Wedding in Rossell and the Prigó: Maria, Desi and Lucia

It's always nice to have a wedding in your town, with Maria and Desi and their daughter Lucia. We first climbed the steep Rossell Church to baptize Lucia, and then the village square became the scene of the ceremony. The words of affection from family and friends excited the couple, especially as they recalled the anecdotes of young people.

And to end the party, we went to the Prigó de Catí restaurant, where we did not stop talking.

Be very happy!

boda tancat de codorniu

Wedding at Tancat de Codorniu: Joana and Dani

We already met Joana and Dani in La Foradada, their most special mountain, and see that they have climbed mountains, but now its big day, November 9, has arrived.

The two of us were waiting for the Tancat de Codorniu, together with their family, and little by little their friends arrived, Dani more nervous, and of course, nobody gets married every day! Joana very glad, they all arrive at her room and wanting to see Dani again. With many emotions and a ceremony led by Joana's godmother, with a lot of intimacy and a touch of autumn that was beautiful!

Then we didn't stop shouting at the surprises of his friends and family. A great day for this couple and their loved ones that we will always remember.

Thank you for letting us share happiness with us!

Post wedding in Vinaròs: Sebas and Clara

We all have a very special place, and for Sebas and Clara this is the cove on the north coast, a cove that you know is Vinaròs, but you would think of any place you can imagine on vacation. They were very clear that this is their place for the post wedding.

And to finish one of the places that has been photographed lately, the new breakwater of Fora Forat Beach.