Pregnancy session at La Sénia: Albert and Pili

Intrigue, respect, passion, love, complicity, nerves, education, etc. There are so many adjectives to describe Jana's wait that she can't fit in her tummy.

With PremamArt art, Albert and Pili painted their tummy for the session before meeting Jana, who will surely receive the values of her parents!

Roger and Susana


In their wedding they are onemore, and Victor is on his way. Now with your Red Wasp we performed the pregnancy session of Roger and Susana in a very special place for them!

Pregnancy session in Tortosa: Ada and Edu

There are gifts that are for life, so did Albert and Pili to their friends Ada and Edu, a pregnancy session before Duna was born.

In love with the mountain, we visited Caro and the Ports of Tortosa-Beseit, their faces of excitement wanting to see Duna say it all. How eager they are to see her!

Pregnancy session in La Ràpita: Gemma and Gustavo

It runs like lightning in the Delta, so is the dog of this couple, who is hiking in the Delta today for the pregnancy session of Gemma and Gustavo.

We leave the pictures before you know Mar!

Pablo and Rosa

It is very windy, it is La Sénia, but it is the same for Pablo and Rosa, apart from the fact that they are already used to the senienc wind, the illusion of Rosa wins them.

What a joy to see their faces of happiness and more now that Rosa is already with them. Keep on this bliss!

Pregnancy session: Vanessa, David and Biel

We are Vanessa, David and Biel in the millennial olive trees of Ulldecona, an emblematic place, where they have seen the whole history of the territory, from the Romans to us and those who are left!

Biel is expecting a little brother, nothing will have a great friend to play with, also looking forward to David and Vanessa, the news they have given me today, Adrià is already in us.

Many family congratulations, what a beautiful Christmas present!

Pregnancy session at the Matarranya: Judith and Lorenzo

Whenever I have to go to the Matarranya I am glad, it is one of the most beautiful places in our territory, incredible landscapes, villages that have not passed the time and great people

Lorenzo and Judith had clear where to perform their pregnancy session, in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Grace in the Fresneda, where I was fascinated by the place, the light and the magic that breathes in that valley. Then we went down from the Rocks of Benet, a very special place for them, where Lorenzo asked for marriage, and now they see the arrival of the little boy in the house.

Looking forward to meeting you, see you soon!

Pregnancy session in the Ebro Delta: Laia and Charly

If you are close to them you will enjoy, everyone who is next to this couple has a good time, always in a good mood and especially with a lot of music, a music that Pol will enjoy, which we have already seen in his face!

We leave you the pregnancy session in the Ebro Delta of Laia and Charly!

Pregnancy session in the Ebro Delta: David, Virginia and Leire

We've met Ian, but before, we were with David, Virginia, and Leire in the pregnancy session in our Delta, a landscape both beautiful and ever-changing.

She also liked Leire, who kept running around the water and she really wanted to meet Ian!

Noe, Jenni and Naia

I don't know who's most excited about the arrival of Alex, Naia, or their parents. We go by the Font de Sant Pere, an idyllic setting of the river Sénia to take the last photos before meeting Alex.

To continue in this family happiness!