Merry Christmas and a 2020 full of emotions

What could we say about 2019, with each passing year we bring many memories and emotions from you, we live the best days, your happiness, your excitement and your joy.

We are fortunate to be at very special times, one more about you, not just at the wedding, but when your child is born, the illusion of pregnancy, the happiness of the whole family or the nerves of the First Communion.

We appreciate all that we have done, the merits are only a reflection of your confidence and our desire to immortalize your memories.

Merry Christmas and a great 2020.

Marc, Eli, David and Jordi.


Cover photo of "Terra Alta", Premio Planeta 2019 of Javier Cercas

There are news that you do not believe, I received a call from Editorial Planeta, who were interested in a photograph they had seen on Instagram: Roger Ripoll and his daughter Emma in the Delta del Ebro, one of the places that most I like to take photos.

Friday called me from Planeta, to confirm that the photo was the cover of the book: "Terra Alta" Premio Planeta 2019 of Javier Cercas, nor did he believe it! I commented to my partner Sheila and my friend David Gil, and they thought it was a joke for me ...

Finally today I received the cover, hoping to arrive on November 5 to have it in his hands and devour the novel by Javier Cercas.

Nomination to "International wedding photographer of the year" by Inspiration Photographers

Last year we received a message that we did not expect: Inspiration Photographers nominated us as "best photographer revelation of the year." This year we have been nominated as "Best international photographer of the year"!

If somebody had told us a few years ago, when we started, that we would have these nominations, we would have been crazy. It's a pleasure to be nominated with colleagues whom I admire, and that with some I have even been lecturing them.

Inspiration Photographers is one of the most important wedding directories in the world, and the Golden Lens are considered as the Oscars of photography. Now wait until November 12 to see who will win the Gold Lens.

Thanks to my colleagues: Eli, David and Jordi, everything is the result of joint work. To continue to follow that we still have a part of the season!

Premiere to Fearless Photographers with an award and a honorable mention in Collection 48

For me it is not another award, it's the premiere of Fearless Photographers, considered one of the best directories in the world. Obtaining it is difficult, more than 9000 photographs are presented, and only 203 have won the award.

I voted for joy when I saw the photo, the famous dance of Sergi and Carla, who left us in the village of Aldea Roqueta. Thanks to David Gil we could capture this moment for the dance, a moment that has given us many joys and also the boyfriends to see themselves reflected.

And also, a picture that was almost awarded, Aitana's tear, with an honorable mention, also so difficult to achieve Fearless Photographers.

Congratulations to your colleagues, I am happy to share joy with friends, and great work of the jury!

Photograph awarded to the 19 color collection by Flecha en Blanco

This month, Flecha en Blanco has marked a new rule for the 19th collection: only color photographs. We are in love with black and white, where we emphasize it to emphasize the emotions, but also the color: it gives life to the photo and the photo is real.

It has been an honor to have an award-winning photograph within this collection, it can be one of the most difficult of the year, and of which the few photos have been awarded.

At the wedding of Estíbaliz and Juanma, after dressing as a boxer, the band prepared a video of theirs and they did not stop laughing, at that moment they could catch the joy!

Here you can see the rest of the collection, with all the winning photographs of a photographer that I admire, a pleasure to be so great. Congratulations for the work of the publishers, it has been a very difficult job.

Merry Christmas and 2019 full of emotions!

We finish a year that has filled us a lot, both in the field of photography, video and especially personally.

One more year you have let us capture your memories and give us confidence to keep doing it.

Merry Christmas and 2019 full of emotions!

Marc, Eli and David

2 photographs awarded in the Flecha en Blanco collection 16

We begin the last month of the year with good news, the documentary photography directory of weddings, Flecha en Blanco has awarded us two photographs in the collection 16. These are very spontaneous moments, the time of the party of the Sílvia and Pau's wedding, with the boy dancing with his grandson, and the other the girls who did not stop getting into Carla's dress.

Spontaneous moments love us, each wedding is unique and we must be alert to everything that happens! It is all a pride to be within this collection and the Flecha en Blanco community, which defends documentary wedding photography. Congratulations to the rest of the award winners for the great level shown.

And thanks to you, keep trusting with us to remember the memories of your life!

Premiere at the WPS with two prized photographs in the 36 collection

For the first time, two photographs were selected in collection 36 of the WPS, one of the most prestigious international directories in the world.

These two photographs, which have already been awarded in several directories, are the tears of Aitana and Emma and Roger in their room. What a joy to see with the best photographers in the world!

I would like to thank all those who trust each day with us and congratulate the rest of the selected colleagues!

Here you can see the collection 36.

New in valencian television d'À punt


On October 13, the nomination as a revelation photographer of the year was the news of the news of the new Valencia television: À punt. We leave the fragment of the news:

Nomination to "Revelation of the year Wedding Photography" by Inspirations Photographers"

I stood white when I saw it, Michel Quijorna sent me a message with the news. I knew that now they were the nominations, but I thought that it would already look at the night or the next day who were nominated, since it was certain that some colleagues nominated them as a photographer of the year.

But the surprise was mine when I was included in the list of Revelation of the year Wedding Photography, I did not expect it!

Along with peers around the world, and some Spaniards, it is an honor to be chosen by Inspirations Photographers, one of the most important directories in the world as a wedding photography.

I am also happy for many colleagues who have been chosen as the best photographer, photographer with more prizes or better wedding. The level that is there is incredible!

This nomination is fruit to all those who have trusted us, we are constantly evolving, and we try to make the most of us for each wedding and any event. Thank you very much all for getting us here!