Starting the 2020 wedding season with this couple is a gift. Jesus and Jisoo met in Berlin and their first wedding was in l’Antic Molí, but the wedding is still missing in South Korea, the country of origin of Jisoo.

He could not miss the inseparable Jesus cello, which has accompanied him throughout the world, and surely one of the reasons he came to Berlin and could meet Jisoo, but what united them was her dog! We still remember the emotion of Jesus when he saw Jisoo arrive at the ceremony, and the emotional words they had in it.

And a party with Koreans and Spaniards is guaranteed fun, especially when the Ganga Style sounded. Finally, Jisoo and Jesus paid tribute to Jisoo’s parents in the typical costumes of South Korea.

Thank you for letting us enjoy your great day, we will never forget it!


In the following video you can see the full story: