They say that another wedding arrives at a wedding, and so it was with Raúl and Maria. We coincided at the wedding of his friends Pau and Montse of Masdenverge, and now he was playing them to enjoy the great day!

We arrived at home Raul, there is none, all the relatives of Extremadura have come, nobody wants to lose that day! At Hotel Gran Palas 5 Experience, Maria waits for us, the room is much calmer, but she is even more nervous. Under the waiting Raul, where they marry in the beautiful room of ceremonies of the hotel. Maria arrives, and what the will of both of them was! Emotions, laughter and some tears, a very special ceremony for them, with a great memory that they will never forget.

As part of the party’s wishes, the first wedding of friends was one of the most anticipated, and they did not stop them or their boyfriends. A great day for Raul, Maria, family and friends, thank you very much for letting us be part!