There are weddings that come out better than dreams, this happened to Txell and Joan. They chose a beautiful space, Mas el Cerdà, the birthplace of Ildefons Cerdà, in Centelles, near Granollers, in the middle of nature, where this couple feels better, and accompanied by their inseparable dogs Txipirón and Taima.

While Joan and Txell were preparing for the great moment, the guests were arriving, and the nerves and joy also increased, until the ceremony arrived. Feelings tear up, also shared with smiles, very nice moments with the people who love, and with the inseparable Txipirón and Taima. If everything was in wheels, also the show that gave us the sun set from the same era we drank.

A dinner where everyone joined the party of Txell and Joan, a day that we will always remember. On August 3: 33 years of marriage of the parents of Txell, the 30th anniversary of Txell and the day of his wedding. What a great day to enjoy this multitude of celebrations!

Congratulations, couple, thanks for letting us be with you this great day!