We get good news this summer, in the 23rd collection of Inspirations Awards, we have been awarded 3 photographs. Two of these photographs have two children, at the wedding of Laura and Javi in Benifallet and the son of Estivaliz and Juanma, in the middle of the celebration of their parents. The third photo one of our favorites, the preparations of Pili before the Las Meninas de Velazquez, one of the many puzzles that we can find at home. Here you can see the entire collection.

And in FdB – Fotógrafos de boda, Pili’s picture and Velázquez’s painting has also been awarded in round 16. Here you can see the rest of the winning photos.

It is all my pride to see our work recognized nationally and internationally, with both a photographic level and being with peers who are real masters for me. I would also like to congratulate the colleagues who also have award-winning photographs and the jury for the difficult work.

And above all you who, thanks to your confidence, can capture moments to remember life!