Neither Surfers nor Paradise. From afar you see a skyline, we approach a city, but with personality? Obviously no, the name says it all: a name invented to attract people, without history, without a baggage behind, like almost all Australia, a teenager country with American airs, with a young culture and without traditions. Of the most typical dishes are BBQ (toasted) outdoors! With food, it is worth remembering to return home.

It reminds me of Benidorm, tall buildings facing the beach to put many people inside, and beach, food and consumerism.

Life in Surfers Paradise

It is the new world, consumerism. For the streets you can find all the most important commercial brands, to eat, to buy clothes, and any place to spend money. Spend money and beach, he has no more life.

Also attractions of all kinds: theme parks, recreational playgrounds, and of course, a beach packed with people and lifeguards. There are many jellyfish on the beach, many more than surfers.

And life at night is like Salou or Benidorm: discos and party. Thousands of young people come here in search of alcohol and fun.

It is an artificial place, a new city where many people are looking for new opportunities, since here in Australia, work is easy to find and well rewarded.

It also takes a few days to stop and reflect, and know what kind of life you want or not. Surfers Paradise, no thanks.